About Janice Law

I am a writer and painter who publishes novels and short stories. As Janice Law Trecker, I have written journalism, academic articles and history books. I sign my paintings, JOLT.

Anna Peters, my first detective, and one of the first working class women private eyes, was inspired by the then on-going Watergate investigation. I assumed some underpaid secretary knew all about what was going on. I transposed some of the events to an oil company, and introduced a young woman with a shady background and a knack for trouble.

The book was nominated for an Edgar and seven other Anna Peters novels followed, published by Houghton Mifflin, then by Walker and St. Martins. They were translated into several languages and the last four were issued in paperback by Worldwide Mysteries. Currently a number of the Anna Peters novels are being reissued by Wildside Press.

I have published a wide variety of short stories, mostly, but not exclusively, mysteries, and regularly appear in Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazines as well as good anthologies.Some of the stories for AHMM feature Madame Selina, 19th century New York City medium extraordinaire, and her young and skeptical assistant Nip Tompkins. I did not expect them to appear in more than one story, but they have kept turning up.

My most recent serial character is Francis Bacon, the modern Anglo-Irish painter. Because of my own interest in art, he has been fun to write. Oddly enough, what has been difficult about the character has not that he was a gay, promiscuous, alcoholic genius, but that, unlike me, he detested country living, disliked animals ( he was severely asthmatic and allergic) and had no ear for music. Nonetheless, Francis has rewarded me with Lambda nominations, and an award for the second of his adventures, The Prisoner of the Riviera.

Besides mystery novels, I have published two historical novels, one of which All the King's Ladies, includes a famous historical mystery, two history books (the most recent, Discovering Hampton, received the 2001 Betty M. Linsley Award by the Association for the Study of Connecticut History), and a number of contemporary novels.

I retired several years ago after teaching college English for nearly twenty years. I live with my sportswriter husband in the country, where I do a lot of gardening, birding and painting.