skeleton Short Stories

"The Professor" EQMM, July-Aug 2018

"The Crucial Game" AHMM jan-feb 2018

"The Centaur Proejct" Enter the Apocalypse 2017

"The House on Maple Street" Coast to Coast 2017

The Front Man"AHMM Oct 2017

"Votes for Women" AHMM Oct 2016

"A Taste of Murder" AHMM June 2016

"The Spiritualist" AHMM Mar 2016

"A Business Proposition" Sherlock Holmes MM #19

"The Holmes Impersonator" Sherlock Holmes MM #18"The Dressmaker" AHMM Nov 2015

"A Domestic Incident" AHMM Jul/Aug 2015

"The Ghostly Fireman" AHMM April 2015

"The Irish Boy" AHMM Jan/Feb 2015

"The Raider" AHMM Mar 2014

"The Photogapher's Wife" Ficta Fabula Winter 2014

"A Fresh Start" Sherlock May/ june 2014

"Hotel Nostalgia" Ficta Fabula Spring 2014

"The Chef" 2013

"The Psychic Investigator" AHMM Dec 2013

"The Imperfect Detective" Kwik Krimes 2013

"Cheap Rent" Crimewave 2013

"The Great Choreographer" Ficta Fabula Summer 2013

"Connected" EQMM sept 2013

"The Pulp Fiction Writer" AHMM May 2014

"The Hot Stove League" Sherlock July/aug 2013

"A Political Issue" AHMM Sept 2013

"The Double" Sherlock Spring 2012

"The Best Thing for the Liver" AHMM July 2012

Enemies" AHMM May 2011

“The Writing Workshop, AHMM 2011
“A Life in Books” AHMM, Oct 2009"

Madame Selina”, AHMM 2010
“The City of Radiant Brides:, EQMM 2010
“The Jailor” EQMM  Dec 2008
 “The Garden Party” AHMM, Jan/Feb 2009
“The Limner”, AHMM Mar 2007
 “Golden Years” AHMM Jan/Feb 2008
“A Work of Art” Level Best Anthology, Still Waters, 2007.
 “By Design” in Level Best Anthology Riptide, 2004
“Therapy” in Level Best Anthology, Deadfall, 2008
 “The Commuter” AHMM, April 2006
 My Life in Crime” AHMM July/Aug 2007
 “The Chant of the Powwow, AHMM, Sept 2005
“My Famous Relative” AHMM Nov. 2005
 “The Girl Watcher” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Jan/Feb 2004
 “Listen to Your Mother,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine
 “Lions on the Lawn,” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Mar 2002.
“The Ghost Writer”, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept- Oct. 2002. Also in the 2002 World’s Finest Mystery and Detective Stories.
“The Blind Woman” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. Aug. 2002.
“The Summer of the Strangler”, Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Oct. 01
“The Helpful Stranger” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, April 2001.
“Blood in the Water” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Aug 2000.
“Tabloid Press” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Feb 2000
“The Archeologist’s Revenge”, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, Sept/Oct 1998.
“Lying” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, July, 1997.Selected for forthcoming EQMM anthology.
“Secrets” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. July, 1997. Also in The Best American Mystery Stories 1998, Houghton Mifflin.
“Star of the Silver Screen” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine , December, 1996. Selected for The Cutting Edge, The Best and Brightest Mystery Writers of the 90’s, ed Janet Hutchings, Carroll & Graf.
“Perfection” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. December 1995.
“The Man Kali Visited” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. August, 1995.
“Meeting at the Cafe Visconti” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. March, 1995.
“Resurrection.” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. June, 1994.
“Pigskill.” Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine. July, 1993.
“Music Lessons.” PEN Syndicated Fiction Project. Chicago Tribune Magazine. Nov.2, 1986, and others.
“The Summer Party.” Northeast Magazine. June 15, 1986. “The Elf Queen.” Fantasy Book. March, 1985.
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