Mornings in London

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Mornigns in London is the final installment of a new trilogy featuring the adventures of the young Francis Bacon


Mornings in London cover

Francis Bacon awakes in a four-poster bed with a punishing hangover and a naked footman. The setting and company mean he's in the country and that spells misery for an up-and -coming designer whose natural habitat is the nightclubs and back alleys of swinging Soho. But he's put aside his distaste for the pastoral for the sake of his favorite cousin, Poppy, his favorite cousin, a high spirited deb who's fallen for Freddie Bosworth, a cad, a blackmailer and a Mussolini fan.

Poppy needs help to come to her senses and she needs more practical assistance when the detestable Freddie turns up with his throat cut.

Francis and Poppy find themselves suspects in the murder, and, worse, entangled in Freddie's schemes which appear to extend far beyond society blackmail. Soon the cousins are being questioned by the local police, harassed by Inspector Davis of Scotland Yard's Special Branch, and pursued by fascist thugs.


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