Early Mystery Novels, the 1st Anna Peters series Many of these had an international angle and foreign settings. All are now out of print, but enjoying a posthumous existence in iUniverse and on Amazon

The Big Payoff was my first mystery novel. An Edgar nominee, it introduced Anna Peters, surely one of the earliest female working class detectives when she debuted in 1976. First published by Houghton Mifflin, the series was reprinted by iUniverse with covers by the author.

Set at the time of the North Sea oil boom, The Big Payoff marks the debut of Anna Peters, the witty, cynical character Booklist called "among the most complex, fully drawn female leads in crime fiction" and whom the New York Times lauded for her "sweetly unscrupulous deals".

In The Big Payoff, Peters is employed in the research department of New World Oil Company, a position that suits this now reformed blackmailer. Happy with her lover, Harry, Anna has abandoned the seductive intellectual and psychological game of blackmail for the straight and narrow.

gemini cover Anna Peters, the unorthodox New World Oil Company researcher, learns the price of the good research job she obtained after her successful adventures in The Big Payoff. The Chairman of the Board wants her to do a little favor: track down Crystal Blythe, a young woman soon to inherit the lion's share of New World stock. Crystal and her twin brother, Edward, have been living in France, and Anna is dispatched on a working holiday to locate the missing girl. Better than being sent out for coffee, but not Anna's idea of the ideal assignment.
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Anna Peters, the unorthodox New World Oil Company researcher, gets tapped for a delicate mission to pre-unification Germany: collect an East German oil chemist who's discovered how to separate oil from sea water. If genuine, the new process means huge profits, and Philip McKenzie, New World Oil's chief chemist, assures Anna and her boss that everything is on the level.

Anna thinks this may be too good to be true, and when she and McKenzie arrive in Germany, she finds out that fraud is the least of her worries.

This remains one of my favorite novels.

shadow cover My father lived for many years in a small town on Florida's Gulf Coast, and I thought it would be fun to send Anna Peters there. But like Anna¹s other attempts at a relaxation, The Shadow of the Palms soon finds her embroiled with sinister characters and up to the irregular proceedings that have marked her adventures.
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Soon after Anna and her new husband arrive in the famous old resort, golf, and university town, one of Anna's former clients asks a small favor. Could she possibly look into a few incidents of minor vandalism at the Old Course? A simple matter, surely, and with Harry busy sketching golfers, Anna doesn't expect more than a few hours of work.

But minor damage at the course leads Anna to some interesting characters, including three Americans who just happen to be alumni of the college in Anna's old hometown. One has just been disappointed in a big development deal in St. Andrews. One is a visiting professor with a disturbing alter ego, and one is a contender for the golf championship.

Then one turns up dead, another is threatened, and Anna finds her honeymoon turning into a full time and dangerous job.