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Moon Over Tangier the concluding volume of my mystery trilogy from is a finalist for a 2014 Lambda award.

Fancis's beloved Nan has died and he has fallen in love with exciting, but ultimately disastrous, results.

Romance takes him to post warTangier, then administed by foreign powers and a hotbed of spies, huslers and artists. Ideal territory for Francis until he is forceably enlisted by the local police to help catch a brutal killer.

Prisoner of the Riviera, the second volume of my mystery trilogy from featuring that campy bon vivant and artistic genius, Francis Bacon, has just won the Lambda award for best gay mystery of 2013. Thank you, Francis!

Booklist calls the novel from "a delectably clever tale."The war is over, but Francis, the gay and irrepressible hero of Fires of London, is unhappy with the privations and boredom of a post war world. His long time lover, Arnold, promised him Monte Carlo during the war, and that promise and the sale of an important painting convinces Francis that a trip to the Rivera with Arnold and Nan, his old, half-blind nanny, will be just the ticket.

But Francis’s pursuit of business and pleasure is interrupted when he is accused of murder. The painter winds up assisting, first, the French police and then some former members of the Underground, charming eccentrics with complicated histories and – just possibly– revenge on their minds.

The first volume of the Francis trilogy, "The Fires of London" from was a finalist for the 2012 Lambda award for Gay Mysteries.

After a blackout encounter in Hyde Park with a brutal older man, Francis, an irrepressibly gay, alcoholic, masochistic painter, begins to be haunted by a police inspector. Does the man Francis refers to as “my own personal copper” suspect the illicit roulette game that Francis is running with the help of his old nanny and his lover of the moment?

Maybe, butwhen Damien Hiller, a rent boy Francis knows, is brutally murdered, he learns that “his” Inspector Mordren is with the homicide division. When the painter later tumbles over the corpse of one of the all important RAF pilots near a favorite club, he winds up forced to become a police snitch to keep himself and his beloved old nanny from a gambling prosecution.

Francis’s work as an Air Raid Warden is a distraction from both his mini-casino and his legal troubles, but as the Blitz intensifies, he finds himself in a cat and mouse game across shattered London.

Also available in the mystery line, three reissued Anna Peters novels Time Lapse, Backfire and Cross- Check, as well as Blood in the Water, a collection of my published and unpublished short fiction; all from Wildside Books.

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