Nights in Berlin

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Nights in Berlin is the first installment of a new trilogy featuring the adventures of the young Francis Bacon


Nights in Berlin cover

Francis is overjoyed when his conventional father decides to 'make a man of him by sending him to Berlin with his soldierly Uncle Lastings. Alas for a fathers hopes! With afternoons at the cinema, dinners at the Hotel Adlon, and nights at the outrageous cabarets and in his uncle's bed Francis fits right in.

In the aftermath of war, revolution, and depression, Germans with money are partying as if there is no tomorrow, and turbulent, free-living Berlin binges on drink, drugs, sex and art. Yet dark clouds are gathering as Reds and Rightists clash in the streets, while in far off Bavaria, Hitler consolidates power in the Nazi Party.

When not enjoying the fleshpots of the city, Uncle Lastings is busy with mysterious contacts and running what Francis suspects is the fraudulent Society for a Christian Europe. Hoping to profit from the Brownshirts' hatred of Bolshevism, Uncle Lastings is particularly excited by the new National Socialist gauleiter Goebbels. But when his latest scheme blows up, Lastings flees, leaving Francis alone, penniless, and hunted, with only his keen survival instincts to preserve him in a city that gets darker every night.


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